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1. Services provided by the Provider are:
- the right to use the Provider’s platform for creating an Online Store and
- Shared Hosting included in a package for a price payable by the User on the basis of their choice of subscription plan.

2.1. The cost of the Services provided is determined by the subscription plan selected by the User.

2.2.1. You can find information about the subscription plans and the service packages included in them at:

2.2.2. All questions about the Services you can ask at:

2.3. The User pays the price of the Services at the beginning of each subscription period, where the subscription period may be fixed on a monthly or annual basis. Upon receiving the payment of the subscription price and all information necessary to issue an invoice, if it was not provided when creating the personal profile, the Provider sends an electronic invoice to the e-mail address specified by the User. The latter agrees and accepts the electronic invoice as a sufficient and valid document on the basis of which the payment can be executed. In this regard, it is essential to provide a valid, correct and active e-mail address.

2.3.1. The User is obliged to pay the price of the Services by a credit or debit card.

2.3.2. The prices published on the Provider’s website include VAT.

2.4. The Provider confirms receiving the payment, through the activation of the Services and is not responsible if the User has not specified a valid e-mail address or does not receive the invoice due to any other reason that the Provider is not responsible for.

2.5. By accepting these General Terms of Use, the User explicitly declares that if they don’t pay the monthly subscription price for the period and / or for a specific Online store, they do not wish to use the Services for of this Online Store, or for the unpaid period. Failure to pay entitles the Provider to immediately remove the User’s Online store / Online stores from the server, without the need of a preliminary notice or compensation. The Provider reserves the right, in his sole discretion, to store all or part of the information contained in or linked to an online store within 30 days from the date of expiry of the last paid monthly subscription.

2.6. By agreeing to these General Terms of Use, the User confirms that the use of the Services, including the use of information processed or stored by CloudCart is carried out in accordance with paragraph 9 below.